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What is Coronavirus Covid-19?

December, 2019, a new virus thought to originate in Wuhan, China began to spread across the world.

It manifests as a respiratory ailment for the most part, but gastrointestinal symptoms are also observed.  It is airborne and is spread through infected mucous by sneezing, coughing, and breathing.  Once it enters the body through the lungs, many other organs can be affected and lead to death.  It can be transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces and objects, then putting one's hands to the eyes, nose, or mouth.  Signs and symptoms may not be manifested for up to 14 days and range from mild to very severe even leading to death.

We have Certified

Covid19 Compliance Officers across the nation.

As much as we would all love to be back to 'normal', it's not going to happen anytime soon. Slowly, states and counties are allowing compliant industries back to work, but with very specific industry protocols.

For the Film, TV and live event productions, we as Covid Compliance Officers are mandated to be on set, 1 for every 25 people and are required to enforce many policies from the CDC, State guidelines, local ordinances. By combining these policies in conjunction with you industry specific requirements from EPA, OSHA, Sag Aftra, DGA, IATSE, and others. We're here to help get your production going and keep it moving forward, while keeping cast and crew safe, and your production compliant.

Resources, lots of resources!

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As much as we would all love to

be back to work 100%

we are not there ... yet.

It starts with us being actively involved, beginning with pre-production.  Only essential crew should be working each day. Crew needs to be aware of new set requirements. 

On Set, plan on staggared call times, coordination of daily wellness release forms, body temperature scans, face masks, social distancing, random testing and lots of set cleaning.

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Safety first protects everyone. If all protocols are followed, plan on everyone being safe and healthy. Stop the spread to non workers such as family, friends and others in public.

Let’s Work and Stay Healthy

A Covid19 Compliance Officer is mandated to be on every production
and has

The New Set Requirements