Our Services

covidSAFEproductions.com is the largest and leading industry provider of Covid19 safe sets, stages, and productions, nationwide. We provide trained and certified Covid Compliance Officers.

We work nationwide with all State, County and Industry agencies and organizations to follow all national, regional and industry protocols to keep everyone healthy and safe during this pandemic while trying to allow productions to work as efficiently possible.

We have Covid Compliance Officers across the nation, with over 2,000 just in California.  We are working closely with Film CA and Film LA to enforce and maintain the highest health standards. 

On June 5th, 2020 Governor Newsom announced that counties throughout the state could begin reopening to film, television and commercial productions starting on June 12, 2020.

A modified health order from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health followed on June 12, 2020 authorizing filming to resume.

A condition to all productions and permits is requiring 1 Covid Compliance Officer on each production for every 25 people.

This Compliance Officer is hired by the Producer or Production Company, typically at a Department Head rate, answers to multiple agencies (not the production company) and has AHJ powers and responsibilities. This new position is a stand alone position with no other responsibilities. We are first in, last out, and is in addition to and different from a Set Medic. Larger sets may also require both a Key Covid 19 Compliance Officer to manage a team of multiple Compliance Officers. The Covid 19 Compliance Officer is not a medical professional, but a supportive position to allow sets to open safely.

Our services include:

- First and foremost, keeping everyone healthy and safe, to avoid this deadly illness and further spread and endanger crew families and the public.

- Pre-Production coordination.

- Setting expectations for everyone on the production (see the what to expect page on this site).

- Providing educational materials, testing items and many PPE approved items.

- Following and enforcing protocols from multiple agencies and industry organizations. In some cases where there is a conflict in protocols, we will always take the most conservative approach.

- Maintaining necessary records.

Our responsibilities do not include:

- Legal or medical advice.

- Legal or medical responsibilities to the production, venue(s), and/or crew.

- Budget concerns. There are budget concerns to maintain all protocols, which we will discuss with you upon being hired.

- Maintaining production schedule timelines.  Maintaining the protocols takes time and is required, that is why its important to be involved in pre-production and all on-set aspects.

Currently we only have 2 choices: not working, or working while following ALL necessary protocols. 

Since many of our Compliance Officers have industry experience, we will do everything we can to make this an easy and efficient process.